Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Add One More Skill

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Want to grow your small business into something more?

Live in Victoria?

Well, you won't want to go anywhere in August, for the whole month!

Small Business Festival
That's when Business Victoria is running the small business festival!

The festival theme is 'Add One More Skill', with the events aimed at giving small business owners practical skills to apply straight away.

Head on over to the Small Business Festival site to grab a copy of the event guide, and check out all the fab stuff they have going on. There's even an iPhone app specially for it!

Festival Webinars
Any non-Victorian's in the room?!  Well, just to show what a fair and generous show we're running down here, you can get in on the action too, as the lineup includes some ace webinars.

Getting out the highlighter now to mark off the events we want to go to...might be easier to mark those we don't!

Here's the important links again:

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