Sunday, May 15, 2011

Follow Me :)

(PS: this post is for my lovely Aunty...but anyone else out there who's interested can read along too! She won't mind :)

Dear Aunty

A little birdie told me you'd love to follow my blog (the bird's words!).  So I thought I'd put together a how-to post and dedicate it to you:

Actually I could have slaved over a well crafted, articulate tutorial, but the folk from Common Craft have been there done that.  So, since "Explanation is their business", and they do it so well, pop on over and and check out their video Google Reader in Plain English.

This will give you a nice introduction to why you'd want to use Google Reader to keep up with the blogs you enjoy.  And will also explain how to add blogs to your Reader

(Psst: Common Craft have a great collection of videos explaining the what, how and why of many interesting and useful tools you might hear about or want to use.  Check them out some time...but don't forget to come back and finish off reading here first ;)

You've got a Google Account, so you've automatically got a Google Reader account.

Just do a search for Google Reader, or when you're reading your emails click the Reader option at the top of the screen.

Here's a couple of other blogs that might suit your tastes:
Also, see that little Followers section over on the side of the page? It's cool if you click to "Follow" me on there too!

That lets us bloggers put a face to the lovely people we're chatting with! :)

The theory is that this also adds the blog automatically to your Google Reader...I haven't been able to see this in action, but I do have a list of blogs in a folder there called Blogs I'm Following, so I must believe it's true!

Time to squeeze in one more thing
So the Uncle doesn't feel too left out here's a little pic in honour of him as well...(for all who don't know him he's one of New England's finest potato growers) :)

Happy reading & lots of love,
Niece Jones xx

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