Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Crafty Minx!!

Here's a nice little story...

I have recently been away on holiday for a little birthday I like to call..."21st up-cycled"... you know the sort.  It involves palm trees, spas, and all things sunny & tropical.  

Anyway, upon my return home I have a parcel waiting (excitement plus!!)...from the adorable adopted cousin!!  What a sneaky little sweet heart she is!! Not only did she impart some very wise advise in a lovely & thoughtful card (she should seriously write one of those genius-quotes-a-day-self-help books) but inside the parcel I found a beautiful book, serious inspired material!  

The Crafty Minx by Kelly Doust is beautifully laid out, full of brilliant ideas with images almost as gorgeous as adopted cousin herself!  

Photo by Tomas & Jones

So thank you adopted cousin & crafting muse!!  I was blown away by your thoughtfulness!  I LOVE the book and can't wait to put it to creative use!! You are too gorgeous for words!!!

Much Love, Tomas x


  1. Well aren't you sweet going and writing a whole post about a single gift!

    I'm glad you received it and I'm glad you like it. A 21st upcycled birthday is indeed something that should be celebrated accordingly!

    Hope you had a fab week away and that you are enjoying your new watch too!

  2. Hope you had a great tropical getaway! I've only read good things about this fab book so am sure you will love it. Nicolex



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