Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fie, fie, fie! Pah, pah!

Just a few little pics of a cute-heart, handmade birthday card from Jones, and a lovely little "badge of Macbeth" by Pear Shaped.  I just LOVE the selected verse...don't you?

Pear Shaped badge - Image by Tomas & Jones

O let me kiss that hand.  Let me wipe it first!  (<3)

Pear Shaped badge - Image by Tomas & Jones

I adored this massive pop out card too!

Book page + bunting + baker's twine = One very cool card!!

Image by Tomas & Jones

Image by Tomas & Jones

Thank you Jones!  What a lovely birthday!!

I'd like to give special mention to my mum who also made me an awesome handmade card!  Thank you mum!  I really LOVED it!  But wasn't sure if you'd like it up on the big screen blazing through the interwebs!  Perhaps it could be in my next installment with your permission?  She's a talented lady!

Enjoy the rest of the short to love it it when the weekends hardly seem broken up by the week!

Tomas x


  1. Isn't it! I just love any kind of bunting, but miniaturise anything & you triple it's cuteness! Tomas x



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