Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Happy Day!  Our copy of Jessica Van Den's zine, *bespoke* Issue 2, arrived today!! :) Jones has it in her hot little mitts now!

Only a short little one tonight because must tuck into bed and have a good squiz at it!  You can get yourself a copy of this lovely crafter/indie zine at bespokezine...but these treats are limited so be quick!

You can also check out Jess' other crafty-biz-goodness at Epheriell Designs, Etsy Shop Vintette, and Jessica Van Den: Crafting a Business.

We've been amazed by this issue's cover artist, Moie Preisenberger's work for a while now.

Brisbane Artist Moie Preisenberger via Coroflot
Don't forget to get your copy or check it out for digital download at bespokezine.com.

Tomas x


  1. Fabulous illustration! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  2. You know...I just don't understand what a Zine is. But I feel I should know as everyone in blog land talks about these things.

    Since I have ordered and adored jewlery from Epheriell Designs and since I love to read Jessica's blog, I figure if she makes a zine then it must be good. I've ordered a copy :)

  3. Yes, stunning illustrator!! You have a great weekend Kellie! :)

    So glad you're getting one too Janine...I think really a zine is just little mag that is self-published with limited copies. Seems like a lovely thing to do doesn't it? Perhaps we should collaborate one day to do one...it could include an article about your fabulous meeting with the very famous (& apparently alive) Charles Dickens...(which I LOVED PS!). lol xx



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