Friday, March 25, 2011

A lovely weekend on the way

This weekend we're looking forward to:

A visit to lovely cousin, adopted cousin, and new baby cousin (with some pretty cupcakes in tow).
Beautiful pink flowers.
Breakfast with friends.
A visit to Finders Keepers.

Hope you have some lovely plans for yours as well!

Enjoy!  xx


  1. And what a lovely visit it was :)
    So nice to see you two. Thanks for the delicious cup cakes. I don't think I've known anyone who can say 'we didn't make the cupcakes but we did make the cupcake stand!'.

    I also meant to say Tania that I loved your eyeshadow and Nadine you looked like you stepped out of a Witchery catalouge.

    Big mwahs!

  2. Love this pic and it's making my morning cuppa feel very unsatisfactory! Nicx

  3. Shucks!! Janine, we're blushing & don't know what to say! You're such a darling heart! It was so lovely to see you gorgeous lady! We must do it more than once every 4/5 years! You're too much fun!! XX

    @ Nicole - just add sparkly cupcakes ;) lol. Happy Sunday x



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