Monday, March 21, 2011


Image by Tomas & Jones

As far as plants go, there's not a green pigment in our thumbs, but this year we're trying yet again to grow some of our own balcony garden veggies and herbs.  

Jones & I like to locavore it up, but we'd like to bring it even closer to home & be responsible for some real home grown dishes.  

Stay tuned and if you have any great tips for two gals with barely a cactus between them, we'd love to hear from you :)

Have a great week,

Tomas x 

Image by Tomas & Jones


  1. Herbs in pots - easy, convenient, and will save you money. Thyme is vital, as is parsley. Basil in summer. Mint all year round. They will also make your balcony smell great!

  2. Hmm, I too would like to start growing a small garden and I've been thinking the back deck will be a good place to start something small that hopefully I can't kill off! Good luck with yours! Nicolex

  3. Thanks for the herb advise Luke AKA Cookie. We've dabbled in herbs before but we're so wanting a lovely, fragrant balcony.

    Nicole, we'll spur you on! All we know is, with growing lovely tomatos, you must have bees apparently. Let's compare veggie patchlets in the coming months. x



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