Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Kill a Bookstore

Is this an image you can live with?  

We certainly can not.  We spend many hours in the bookshops of Melbourne and urge you reconnect with your inner Matilda (by Roald Dahl) and do the same!  Breathing in the scent of a pre-loved book, opening a new one for it's first time...these are the joys we wish to preserve as sacred.

According to visitvictoria.com Melbourne boasts more bookshops per person than anywhere else in Australia!

It was not so long ago we almost quit our jobs with no prospects other than the dream to have a shop full of books!  We still dream of that day! 

Here are a few in the long list of lovely bookshops Melbourne has to offer:
Also, check out some really lovely pics from Photographer Laurel McConnell of Characters who love books!

Go and spend an afternoon in a bookshop near you & see how your skin turns a little bit golden ;)

Here's a few very lovely bookshops from everywhere...hope you like them :)

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Image via Teagan Glenane

We found this one on Hannah Cox's Pinterest Board "Places & Spaces"

We found this on Agata Zieli?ska's Pinterest Board "I like to"

Found on Amy Eckert's Pinterest Board "Of Dreams & Fairy Stories"

Image via Schadenfreud

Image via The Book Seller

Image via A Beautiful Mess

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